Compare Surgical Loupes & Dental Loupes
SheerVision Flip-Up Loupes Titanium Oval Frame
SheerVision Flip-Up Loupes Titanium Oval Frame
When evaluating a surgical or dental loupe system, please consider the following:

CheckmarkResolution - Resolution is the ability to define small details. Not all surgical loupes are made the same. Companies use different types glass lenses, different coatings on that glass, and different procedures to arrive with the finished product. When evaluating resolution it is important to make sure that the image is crystal clear from edge to edge.

CheckmarkExpanded Field-of-View - This is the total size of the operating site when viewed through the loupes. By having a large field of view, many surgeons and dentists are able to adjust to using loupes in a very brief time.

CheckmarkFrame Options - SheerVision exclusively offers Under Armour Performance Eyewear, as well as its own frame models - all of which have been designed and test for performance and durabilty under real world conditions.

CheckmarkDepth-of-Field - This is the range of focus that the loupes are able to deliver. The greater the depth-of-field, the easier it is to move around the patient.

CheckmarkDeclination Angle - Having a sharper angle of declination allows the wearer to have a more ergonomic neck and back posture when working.


CheckmarkWeight - This is one of the most important issues to consider. How much weight are you willing to wear? At SheerVision, we have addressed that concern by designing many of the lightest weight loupes in the world.

CheckmarkMagnification - One of the most important decisions when buying loupes is how much magnification you will need. At SheerVision we offer multiple levels of magnification, so we can help you determine the best choice for your practice.

CheckmarkCompany - When choosing a loupe to purchase, look for a company that not only provides all of these requirements, but also has a professional staff that is able to work with you through your transition into using loupes. Also look to what type of service and warranty services that they can provide, and make sure that they have a trial period so you can insure that you have the best solution for your individual needs. Plus, insure that the company will be their in the long-run to support any future service issues that may arise.

CheckmarkChoice of Mount- Some companies only offer either a flip-up loupe or a through-the-lens loupe. We believe you should have the choice of the one that works best for you as their are distinct advantages to both mounting choices.

Benefits of SheerVision Loupes
Clarity of the Image
Expanded Field
Outstanding Depth of Field
Magnification Power (2.5x to 5.0x)
Optical Polishing & Lens Coatings
Ultralightweight Design
Choice of Flip-Up or Customized Through-The-Lens (TTL)
Leading Angle of Declination
Prescription Lens Options
Exclusive Under Armour Frame Selection
Multiple Frame Choices
Ergonomic Comfort
Headlight Package Savings Option
Manufacturer Direct Pricing & Support - Since 1999
SheerVision Advantage for Loupes and Headlights


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