EDGE High Magnification Performance Loupes
Featuring Hybrid Lens Technology

Our most recent innovation, the EDGE loupe system with Hybrid Lens Technology combines the best optical characteristics of Prism and Galilean designs to provide vivid detail. It is well suited for the professional who is ready to advance to a high level of magnification.

With an optical design that combines the most important features into one loupe including: extreme clarity, an outstanding field-of-view, astonishing depth-of-field, remarkable light transmission, and our Super-Light technology for ergonomic comfort.

Expanded Field Wide-Field Surgical Loupes Dental Loupes Advanced Features

Great Loupes and Great Frames - SheerVision SV Sport and Titanium
The Lightest High Performance Loupes in The Game
SheerVision International Customer Service Department LED Headlights Loupes

For more information or to order SheerVision EDGE High Magnification loupes featuring Under Armour Performance Eyewear please contact us at:

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+1 310 265 8918 International Customers
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