SheerVision® Company Overview & History

SheerVision designs, develops and manufactures loupe & headlight systems that enhance vision - through exceptional visual acuity and powerful illumination. SheerVision’s SureFit TTL & Signature Flip-Up Surgical Loupes (2.5x-5.0x) are a unique combination of exceptional visual quality coupled with affordability. The portable Infinity Ultra2 LED Headlight is twice bright as most with 86,400+ Lux / 8,000+ foot candles of light, which easily outperforms most tethered fiber-optic lights but without the high maintenance costs. With ultra-lightweight comfort and superior light uniformity the Infinity Ultra2 is one extremely versatile system that offers both loupe, headband, and safety frame mounting options.

SheerVision has recently teamed with Under Armour Performance Eyewear to insure that it offers the lightest high-performance loupes in the game today.

Since its inception in 1999, SheerVision quickly built a strong reputation and rapidly established a significant base of operations. Characterized by steady sales growth, the strength of a top-notch dedicated sales force, the implementation of a strategic marketing program and continued product development activities, SheerVision is a rising leader in the loupe and headlights for the surgical and dental professions

SheerVision believes that the company offers the surgeon / medical practitioner the best loupe and headlight packages in the industry. SheerVision's surgical loupes have outstanding field-of-view and depth-of-field when compared with other suppliers on the market. Additional SheerVision loupes can provide an optimized declination angle for the user than many of the traditional suppliers, which results in less neck and back discomfort for the surgeon due to an improved ergonomic posture. The Infinity Ultra2 headlight provides a powerful beam with edge-to-edge consistency, complete portability, and all-day comfort. When used in conjunction our surgical loupes and headlight Infinity Ultra2 headlight allow the surgeon to perform to a higher standard of care, with less fatigue and greater conform for each and every procedure.

Although surgical loupes have been used some form of magnification for decades, the need for dental loupes and portable headlights in the regular practice of everyday dentistry is rapidly becoming the standard of practice for all dental professionals, including dental hygienists. The visual aspects of magnification may appear to be the primary benefit, but there are significant ergonomic issues improved by using loupes.

SheerVision has also supported the dental hygiene segment of the dental market, a largely overlooked group in terms of magnification needs. Increasing concerns among practicing hygienists about the risks and discomfort of neck and back pain, as well as leading dental hygiene schools incorporating the use of surgical loupes into the curriculum have dramatically expanded the users of surgical loupes. SheerVision answered needs by designing and bringing to market - in less than one year - a new, ultra-light loupe that has become SheerVision's a bestseller in the dental hygiene market.

With a wide-range of surgical loupes, including ultra-lightweight double-x (xx) models and its innovative headlight solutions, SheerVision continues to support the surgical, dental, dental hygiene, surgical and veterinary professionals.

SheerVision actively participates in local, state, national, and international meetings and shows. SheerVision's corporate offices are located in Southern California, with its vision enhancement products distributed throughout the United States as well as through distributors internationally in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. SheerVision loupes and Infinity Ultra2 & V-Ray headlight systems can be directly purchased through a SheerVision representative, through our secure e-commerce website, or by telephone.

SheerVision Inc. is a publicly owned and traded company, trading under the stock symbol SVSO / SVSOE.OB.


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