SheerVision's® Vision

SheerVision’s goal is to become the premier manufacturer and marketer of surgical loupes, light sources and related optical products for the dental, surgical, veterinary, and related markets. 

By staying true to our value proposition, our commitment to delivering innovative products, being in tune to our customer’s needs and driven to becoming a global optical supplier, SheerVision believes…

 “Your future, is our focus”

Unmatched value
SheerVision believes in value – the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Efficient distribution channels and the best product designs will ensure SheerVision stays unmatched in delivering quality loupes and light sources at competitive prices.

On the cutting edge
SheerVision is an active designer of products with a history of successful new product innovations. With two new products recently released and additional products in development, SheerVision is poised to offer a steady pipeline of new and enhanced products.

Specialized for diverse customer needs
SheerVision understands different audiences have different needs. We will continue to create specialized products and experiences for our Dental, Dental Hygiene, Surgical and Veterinary audiences.

Global access
Already servicing much of the globe via a dealer network, SheerVision will continue to expand its presence internationally.

Through client referrals and the development of customized sales and marketing programs, SheerVision looks to become a comprehensive global optical supplier.

  SheerVision Dental, Dental Hygienist, Medical, Surgical, and Veterinary Applications
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