Prescription Loupe Orders

Wear glasses? Need vision correction? No problem.

SheerVision is happy to assist you with your prescription needs.

Many practitioners require that their eyeglass prescription be fitted to their loupe system.

SheerVision Flip-Up loupe frames are designed to allow SheerVision, or your local optician, to easily add or change prescription lenses to your specific requirements. We can provide both single and bi-focal lenses based on your needs.

For assistance in ordering a loupe system with prescription lenses please contact our Prescription Department Toll-Free at (877) 678-4274, or + 1 310 265 8918 for international customers, by fax at (310) 265-8919, or via e-mail at customerservice@sheervision.com.

We will need to receive a written copy of your current eyeglass prescription that includes your pupil distance (PD) measurement before processing your order.

Normally, if you wear prescription glasses while you work then you will most likely need to have prescription lenses added to your loupe order.

Please note that most contact lens wearers will not need prescription lenses for their loupes - as long as they are wearing their contacts with their loupes. If you have any questions about wearing contact lenses with loupes, please feel free to contact us.

Under Armour Performance Eyewear Enforcer - with SheerVision Flip-Up Loupe Optics - Stong and Lightweight
SheerVision Ultra-Light 2.5x 3.0x Dental Loupes
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