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SheerVision is happy to assist you with your dental and surgical loupe focusing and other product support needs

Whether online, by phone, or in-person we strive to insure that you enjoy the benefits that our products are designed to provide .

Quick Web Support Links:
Signature Flip-Up Loupes User Manual/Focusing Instructions
SheerVision Loupe Cleaning Instructions
SheerVision Surgical Headlight Users Manual - 5 Page (June, 5 2010 Update)
Infinity Ultra2 and Original FireFly LED Headlight Mounting Clip Instructions

User Manuals (PDF):
SheerVision Surgical Loupe User's Manual
SheerVision Portable LED Headlight User's Manual

For assistance by phone for loupe focusing or other needs please contact our trained specialists to insure your SheerVision loupes and illumination products are working properly.

You can reach us toll-free at (877) 678-4274, or +1 310 265 8918 for international customers, or via e-mail at customerservice@sheervision.com

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