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You want to do provide the best standard of care for your patients.

You also have a genuine concern about your own long-term health and comfort.

At SheerVision® we believe that “your future is our focus.” As part of that vision we have developed this page especially to address your questions and concerns when it comes to magnification and illumination products used by surgeons today.

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Why use loupes?

The primary reasons that magnification is becoming the standard of care for the majority of dentists are:

Enhanced vision for improved patient care. Reviewing and evaluating details of teeth, and soft tissue requires visual acuity – which is improved through magnification.

• Surgical quality loupes allow for improved ergonomic posture which may extend you comfort – and your career. No more “hunch.”

Dental Loupes Loops Working Distance
Loupe Magnification Myths
  • Myth #1 – Magnification will harm my vision.
    On the contrary – wearing optical loupes will dramatically increase image size while allowing for you to work at a farther distance from the patient.  The larger sized images reduce strain and stress on the eyes, while viewing an enhanced image.
  • Myth #2 – Through-the-lens (TTL) loupes are better than flip-up loupes.
    Both through-the-lens and flip-up loupes will improve patient care, reduce your fatigue, and improve ergonomic comfort.  This decision is really based on your preference as both types of loupes have their advantages and disadvantages
Flip-Up and Through-The-Lens Loupes

So it’s really up to your personal preference.  Currently, dental industry figures show that loupe usage is split between through-the-lens and flip-up wearers.   At SheerVision you have your choice of either loupe design and with our 30-day trial policy – so you can be confident in making your decision.

  • Myth #3 – Magnification is only for dentists that need vision correction.
    This is not true.  More loupe users are younger dentists who learned during their recent studies the benefits of using loupes and lighting equipment.  
  • Myth #4 – Magnification slows down procedures.
    For any first-time loupe wearer, their is a short adjustment period in order to get comfortable wearing the loupes. 

Most new users of surgical quality loupes experience some initial feelings of awkwardness and disorientation in the first week or two of use.  These feelings are similar to the times you had your first pair of glasses, or when your eyeglass prescription changed.  

If the user experiences these feelings, then we recommend that their loupes are only used 20-30 minutes at a time performing simple procedures..  As the user’s eyes accustom themselves to the increased magnification, then the usage period can then be extended. After the first few weeks, loupes can enhance diagnostic and treatment procedures, and boost production due to reduced eye, neck, and back fatigue.

  • Myth #5 – Loupe quality is directly related to price
    While their are “cheap” loupes in the marketplace - each with poor quality optics, many of the brand-name loupes are of exceptional optical quality. SheerVision loupes are noteworthy for their expansive field-of-view (the size of the magnified view you can see) and exceptional depth-of-field - which allows you to move your head without losing your focus.

However, by ordering manufacturer-direct — eliminating the mark-ups of dealers and distributors — SheerVision can you save up to 40% over our competitor’s prices for our surgical-quality loupes.

So with SheerVision you’re not only getting the best quality, you’re also getting the best value. 

Plus their is SheerVision's 30-day trial, with a 100% money-back guarantee, unmatched personal support, and an unlimited lifetime warranty on the optics and all working parts of our flip-up hinge mechanisms.

  • Myth #6 - Loupe purchases require a fitting or that loupes can’t be purchased online
    This final myth can be put to rest by making a purchase at SheerVision.com.  We don’t require a personalized “fitting” for you to purchase a loupe.  Even with our new Through-the-lens loupes can be easily fitted over the phone or online using our PerfectFit™ system that just requires two measurements.
How much magnification do you need from your loupes?

SheerVision recommends a 2.5x level of loupe magnification for most surgeons, and also for most first-time loupe wearers.  However, for certain specialties an increase in magnfication may be justified. Going beyond to a 3.0x or 3.3x will increase the level of magnification – but with a very significant reduction in the field of view.  With a 2.5x loupe will allow you to see the an expanded view - so that you can also easily locate instruments on the periphery of your view, plus they will provide you with exceptional depth-of-field so that you can move closer and farther from the patient without losing focus.

SheerVision Loupe Magnification 2.5x 2.5xx 3.0x 3.0xx 3.5x 4.0x 5.0x

Another factor that goes hand-in-hand with the level of magnification is the working distance measurement.   Choosing the correct working distance will insure that you can see the best, and at the posture. 

How do I determine my working working distance? 
It varies by height and body type, but also how you sit and work with your patients.  The best method is to use a tape measure, or similar measuring device.  While sitting in an ergonomic position in your normal workspace, measure the distance between your eyes and the patient’s teeth.  This is your specific working distance.   Please note that at a 2.5x magnification that the optics will allow for 5-6” (125-150mm) depth-of -field, which means you will be able to move your head closer and farther from the patient – without a loss of focus. 

Working Distance - Sample Photo for SheerVision Loupes

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