The SheerVision SheerAdvantage

Innovative Loupes and LED Lights for Surgical, Dental, and Veterinary UseSheerVision® designs advanced proprietary flip-up and through-the-lens surgical loupes, and Infinity/V-Ray portable LED head lights, offered at the most affordable manufacturer direct prices. As an industry innovator, SheerVision® has quickly earned a reputation for leadership and value in optical technology, supporting the dental and surgical market place. 

Innovative High-Performance Magnification & Illumination
The finest optics for the finest vision

  • Absolute precision with razor sharp images and startling clarity
  • Generous field of view and superior depth of field.
  • Next generation illumination products featuring an advanced portable LED light source. 
  • SureFit Through-The-Lens (TTL) loupe technology supports ordering without the need for a costly in-office visit.       

Class Leading Ergonomics, Comfort, and Style
Designed for comfort

  • Our ultra lightweight loupe designs offer the best in magnification, but weigh from just 1.5 ounces.
  • Flip-up loupe design allows you to decide when you need magnification or to have an unmagnified view.  Drastically reduces your risk of chronic neck or back pain!
  • Wide option choices to fit your style and the support the way you work.
  • Top rated by leading industry publications.

Revolutionary Manufacturer Direct Prices
Unsurpassed quality optics at affordable prices

  • SheerVision® demands quality and we deliver quality. Years of research and development have ensured the finest optics, materials, and construction available.
  • Through our direct sales channels, SheerVision is able to offer products at the most competitive pricing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Complete satisfaction - guaranteed during the trial period

  • We stand behind our optics with a full, unconditional refund if you're not completely satisfied during the initIal 30-day trial period. The refund does not include any shipping or custom prescription charges.
  • An unlimited lifetime warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship on all working parts - unmatched by any other loupe provider.
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