VALU-MAX Renewed 3.3x Flip-Up Loupes - Under Armour Igniter Frame
3.3x Magnification Loupes w/Under Armour Performance Eyewear, Safety Strap, Flip Up Paddle, Clear Lens Covers, Cleaning Cloth, & Storage Case
SheerVision List Price: $970.00
SheerVision Online Price: $745.00
You Save: $225.00 (23 %)


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Detailed Description

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Save up to 40% with SheerVision’s VALU-MAX renewed loupes, which are award-winning loupes mounted on Under Armour Performance Eyewear.

Experience the finest surgical-quality loupes available — at manufacturer-direct prices. We set the standard for innovative optical design, combining superior quality with unmatched customer support. Delivering optimum performance with maximum comfort, SheerVision loupes are the clear choice for medical professionals worldwide.

Our earth friendly VALU-MAX products are a great way to save resources AND money! These gently-used dental and surgical loupes have been renewed to fit you and your budget!

Key Features: 3.3x Loupe Optical Specifications:
• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
• Extremely high resolution optics
• Lightweight design
• Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance
• Manufacturer direct pricing - save up to 40% off the competition
• 30 day trial period
• 3.3x Magnification (Galilean)
• 3.5" Field-of-View
• 3" to 4" Depth-of-Field
• Lightweight design - just 2 ounces
Accessories Included: Additional Specifications:
• Polycarbonate (non-Rx) safety lenses
• Safety strap
• Flip-up paddle
• Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
• Fully-lined storage case

• Under Armour Performance Eyewear
• Choice of three vibrant colors
• Multi-angle adjustable hinge
• Lifetime warranty on all working parts
• 3-year warranty on Under Armour Frame
• Prescription lens option - call us for information

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