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How to buy loupes online

How to buy loupes online
  1. Choose your type of loupes - custom TTL (fixed), or Flip-Up (adjustable)
  2. Select your magnification level
  3. Choose your frame style and color
  4. Measure your working distance
    1. The working distance refers to the distance between the doctor's/ hygienist's eyes and the patients mouth. In order to measure this distance, you require two people, the user and the helper. The user needs to assume a normal working position, and needs to make sure that they do not lean forward too much when measuring. Then, the helper needs to place the edge of the tape measure on the bridge of the nose of the user and draw it downwards to the patients front teeth. This number will tell you whether the user needs a Short, Regular, Long or Extra-Long working distance in their pair of loupes. Please use the picture and chart below to help determine the correct working distance.
  5. For TTL Loupes - get your PD measurement (Pupillary Distance)
  6. Select your eye prescription (Rx) options.  Basically if you wear eyeglasses when you practice, we usually recommend that you also add your eyeglass prescription to your loupes.