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Power Pro Battery Pack (

Power Pro Battery Pack (PPB) - Lithium Polymer - Mechanical Button

$299.99 $199.99

The Power Pro Battery (PPB)

This innovative third-generation lithium battery pack has replaced our two previous battery packs that were manufactured by SheerVision. This new Power Pro Battery (PPB) is compatible with all of our V-RAY, Ultra-mini, Original FireFly LED™ and Infinity Ultra2™ headlights. This latest, robust design now provides 8-hours of power for all-day use. The charger now includes a removable cable for more portability.

The battery system is one of the most important components of any portable headlight. The Power Pro's lithium battery technology has allowed us to offer a streamlined & lightweight battery that provides the power needed for intense all-day use.

Benefits include:
• All day use (now 8+ hours) from a single battery
• Attractive lightweight design (under 6 ounces / 160 grams)
• Integrated intelligent microprocessor
• Battery “fuel gauge” indicator lights
• Soft-touch mechanical button allows for a range of light intensity levels
• Lithium battery technology more robust against potential physical damage than lithium ion batteries, and the SheerVision Ultra battery includes enhanced safety features
• Provides a 20% longer charges than comparably sized lithium-ion batteries
• Rotating belt clip
• Includes battery charger*,and charging cord
• Includes a one-year warranty

* Please use the battery charger only with the SheerVision Power Pro Battery only. Not recommended for charging USB phones / devices.