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Save Up to 50% on Your Loupe or Headlight Purchase!

Our earth friendly VALU-MAX products are a great way to save resources AND money! These gently-used dental / surgical loupes & headlights have been renewed to fit you and your budget!

Occasionally during their 30-day trial period, a client discovers that they need more or less magnification or perhaps another headlight model. We refit them with a new set, and refresh the returned loupes to be good-as-new at great savings to you!

SMALL QUANTITIES of these renewed Through-the-Lens (TTL) Loupes, Flip-up Loupes and headlights are available now, so act fast!  With a 30-day trial period and a one-year warranty, what have you got to lose?

WOW! High quality loupes & lights at HUGE SAVINGS! Don’t miss out. Order Today!