All Loupes Are Not Created Equal

SheerVision Super-Light Loupes on Durable Under Armour Eyewear Frame

"I have been practicing general dentistry for over 20 years; that means I have gone through different loupes and companies. When I broke my loupes this year, I decided to get loupes from SheerVision again after poor customer service from 2 other companies. When I called Jennifer, she was extremely courteous and listened to the issues I had with the other companies. She even transferred my to the ‘master loupes maker CJ’ for my technical questions. I went ahead and placed my order and I was very happy with my new loupes. I have since placed another one as my backup. If you are in need of dental loupes, call them up; you won’t regret it!"

Dr. Cathy Yang, DDS

"I love Under Armour and they are durable!

Jill B., RDH

"I went with Sheer Vision for two reasons. 1. The customer service has been excellent. 2. Quality. The loupe glass is clear and the frames solid. I am a Pediatric Dentist working in a fast paced office and these loupes have held up without issue... Very happy with my Loupes and the customer service so far."

Dr. Bryce Bott, DMD

Advanced Razor-Sharp Surgical Loupe Optics

Astonishing Optics

Since 1999, our astonishingly powerful optical design enables you see what you have been missing.

• Expanded field-of-view for to see the big picture
• Astonishing depth-of-field - keeps you in focus
• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity - to see fine details
• Custom manufactured for you, w/Rx lens option
• Super-lightweight - as little a 1.5 oz / 45g
• Multi-coated for anti-glare, anti-fog, & scratch resistance

Under Armour Eyewear Logo

Under Armour Eyewear

See with the same speed, clarity, and laser focus as the greatest athletes on the planet.

• ArmourSight Lenses (Mfg. by Zeiss)
• Durable, Superlight Frame
• Three-Point Fit System for Comfort
• 2-Year Frame Warranty

PLUS - Ask about our new Wiley X frames, which are designed to meet the demands of today's practitioner.

Loupe - No Risk Trial Period Included

No Risk Trial

We stand behind the proven quality our loupes & lights with a full, unconditional refund if you're not completely satisfied during the 30-day trial period excluding shipping or custom prescription charges. No pushy sales rep visit required.

An unlimited lifetime warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship on all loupe optics - unmatched by any other loupe provider.


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Simple Returns

Please take advantage of our 30-day trial period for purchases from SheerVision.

Here's the fine print: SheerVision does not issue refunds for custom prescription (Rx) lens fees or for shipping costs. Also please note that SheerVision is not responsible for the return shipping costs, or any additional custom duties, taxes, or fees required to return the purchase to us.