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Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy a Loupe & Light Together

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Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy a Loupe & Light Together

It wasn’t that long ago, that surgical loupes were considered “optional” and portable LED lights were a thing of the future. Now, surgical loupes and loupe-lights are considered standards of care. Can you imagine now, performing a surgical or dental procedure without loupes and light? I am sure the majority of our dental and hygiene clients would say a resounding “NO!”

What we hear is the frustration that many experience when they already have surgical loupes, and then purchase a new headlight at a trade show, CE, sales rep, or through the internet - only to find out that the two are just not compatible.

Compatibility is very important. You can have $1,200 to $1,800 tied up in a loupe and light, and have a $25 clip keep you from using either one.

So, what are the top five reasons, other than compatibility, that should affect your decision-making process when purchasing a surgical loupe and headlight.:

  1. SAVE MONEY – Most companies will provide favorable pricing when you purchase a combination package. In this competitive environment, you may want to sign up for emails and offers from loupe / light companies so you can benefit from special “flash” sales, that is usually offered within specified time periods.
  2. SAVE TIME – When you buy both your loupe and light from the same company, not only do you save money, but you save time. You are making one purchase and making payment at one time, but receiving two products. Both products will ship together and should be ready to wear right out of the box.
  3. SAVE AGGRAVATION – Whatever clip and/or attachment is used to attach your headlight to your loupes…… will work! They are made for each other, and you will be assured you will not have to use your technical skills to figure out how to “jerry rig” the two together (you have no idea what we have seen our client’s do to “fit” their loupe and light together (if they purchased their loupe or light from another company).
  4. SAVE FRUSTRATION – Customer service is so critical when purchasing loupes and headlights. When you purchase both from the same company, you have only one point of assistance you need to draw upon for help. And, there is no “passing the buck.” If you buy the loupe from one company and the light from another, it is so easy for their customer service to pass on the problem to the other company. With one company, the “the buck stops there.”
  5. SAVE YOUR PEACE OF MIND – As mentioned above, compatibility is so important and when you purchase your loupe and headlight together, from one company, you can be assured ALL components will be compatible and work together to provide the very best viewing experience.

When you purchase a loupe & light package – our goal is to outperform our competitors – by offering great products – and great pricing – and making sure they all work together flawlessly. 

All our loupes & lights come with a 30-day trial period – so make sure you take advantage of this to make sure you are completely satisfied.  Since 1999, we have been taking care of our clients – and we hope that you consider SheerVision as a company that stands behind the loupes and headlights. 

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