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SheerVision Customized Loupe-Telescopes 2.5s

Since we started in 1999, SheerVision has always recommended that you only trust to your eyes to a reputable brand same loupe manufacturer - so shop carefully. You should be aware that “cheap loupes” are often just that. All loupe optics are not created equal, thus “loupes” are not “loupes”.

Numerous “cheap” loupe companies offer optics that don’t provide a clear image from edge-to-edge with the optics not limiting your movement. These optics often cause headaches and other issues when worn for long periods during the day. The optics aren’t clear & focused - so they just won’t perform for you. 

Plus, if you ever need service – good luck as many of these "cheap" companies don’t provide any service – or are not even around once you need assistance. Thus, we recommend that you purchase from a reputable, brand-name loupe company.

Since day one, SheerVision has always provided transparent pricing, our SureFit™ System for our Custom TTL loupes only requires two measurements, plus we offer a no-risk trial period, and one of the best warranties in the industry. Instead of forcing you to wait for a sales rep to come by your office, measure you, and then quote you a price from a secret / unpublished "price list" almost guarantees you will pay too much.

Join the thousands of happy practitioners that use our products every day. Dare to compare our loupes & lights by taking advantage of our no-risk trial.