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Practice in Perfect Harmony: Loupe & Light Packages

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Loupe & Headlight Packages for Surgeons, Dentists, & Dental Hygienists

PRICE: $1,290 $1,090

PRICE: $1,490 $1,240

PRICE: $1640 $1,390

PRICE: $1,640 $1,390

PRICE: $1,940 $1,690

Dentist - Loupe & Headlight Package

""I cannot express how pleased I am with the loupes. I have used loupes for over a decade now but these loupes are by far the most comfortable and easy to get on with I have ever experienced. The lenses give a sharp and precise picture showing fantastic detail and yet are extremely comfortable to wear. I am so pleased with my purchase."

Dr. Ian R. Jones

Dental Hygienist RDH BSDH 2.5x Custom TTL Loupe

"I wanted to have a spare pair of TTL Loupes and decided to try your special offer on the sports frame style. I have used a competitors 2.5x TTL loupes for the last 8 yrs. I am so impressed with my new loupes. Not only are they stylish, but the visual clarity is amazing. They are so light weight I don't realize I've had them on for eight hours. Thank you SheerVision for developing a product that is truly better than the competition.

Janet Zeller, RDH BSDH

Pediatric Dentist DMD Under Armour Through-The-Lens Loupes

"I went with Sheer Vision for two reasons. 1. The customer service has been excellent. 2. Quality. The loupe glass is clear and the frames solid. I am a Pediatric Dentist working in a fast paced office and these loupes have held up without issue... Very happy with my Loupes and the customer service so far."

Dr. Bryce Bott