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$220 OFF! Any Loupes or $275 OFF! Any Package! With Promo Code "220deal" or "275deal" HURRY! OFFER WON'T LAST!! $220 OFF! Any Loupes or $275 OFF! Any Package! With Promo Code "220deal" or "275deal" HURRY! OFFER WON'T LAST!!

International Distributor Program (IDP)

Would you like to be a SheerVision distributor?

SheerVision welcomes potential dental & surgical distributors to our International Distributor Program.

SheerVision International Distributorship Welcome Logo

Join our expansive network of distribution partners in exclusive countries where SheerVision loupes and headlight systems are not currently represented.

Our clients benefit from purchasing our high-performance expanded-field surgical loupes and portable headlight systems from a local representative so that they can be matched the best model for the way they practice. They can also provide you with quick delivery, and help you avoid unnecessary shipping costs and import duties.

Our distributors have access to our comprehensive lines of loupes and headlight systems - including the very latest releases. SheerVision also works with our distribution partners to insure that you quickly receive answers to your questions, deliver products to match your needs, and resolve any service related issue.

As an industry innovator, SheerVision has quickly earned a reputation for leadership and value in optical technology supporting surgeons, dentists, dental hygienists, and veterinarians to every major continent throughout the world.

To contact us, please do so at:

+1 310 265 8918

+1 310 265 8919


Thank You! 

SheerVision Loupes - International Customer Service