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$220 OFF! Any Loupes or $275 OFF! Any Package! With Promo Code "220deal" or "275deal" HURRY! OFFER WON'T LAST!! $220 OFF! Any Loupes or $275 OFF! Any Package! With Promo Code "220deal" or "275deal" HURRY! OFFER WON'T LAST!!

Trade-In Offer


  1. Upgrade offer valid only on new purchases made from August 1st, 2022 through December 31st, 2022.
  2. The trade-in value is $225.00 per item in credit towards a new SheerVision loupe or new V-RAY headlight system only. No cash value. Minimum order $745.00.
  3. The $225.00 credit can be used for either a loupe or V-RAY headlight – it does not have to be used for the identical item that was traded in.
  4. The $225.00 credit will be taken from the current online prices from the website.
  5. The items can be purchased through the SheerVision website or by telephone through the SheerVision Customer Service Dept. Please use the “tradein1" promotional code when ordering to participate in the offer.
  6. Only one trade-in allowed towards the purchase of either one loupe or one headlight system. Maximum of one trade-ins per customer.
  7. The loupe or headlight trade-in can be from any manufacturer including SheerVision. This includes (but is not limited to): Designs-for-Vision, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Shultz / Loupe Direct, Lumadent, Ultralight Optics, Enova, Q-Optics, Heine or Zeiss.
  8. It must be a loupe or headlight system designed for medical / dental / surgical / hygiene or veterinary use.
  9. The trade-in item does have to be complete, but does not have to be functional (working) to qualify for the $225.00 credit.
  10. A complete loupe system must consist of the optics and either a frame, mounting clip, or headband.
  11. A complete headlight system must consist of a headlight assembly (bulb or LED) and have a light source (fiber optic) or energy source (battery).
  12. Credit not valid towards Valu-Max (renewed/refurbished) loupes or refurbished headlights, SheerVision Package Deals, OEM-brand products, Micro-Mini loupes, or battery purchases.
  13. Trade-in Items must be physically returned to SheerVision to receive the $225.00 trade-in credit.
  14. The purchaser will immediately receive the $225.00 credit towards their new purchase. The customer has 30 days (after the invoice date) to send in the trade-in item(s) for the $225.00 credit. If the trade-in item(s) are not sent in within 30 days then the purchaser will be responsible to pay the $225.00 balance due. This allow the trade-in item to be returned after the new item was received by the purchaser.
  15. Cannot be combined with any other SheerVision offer including our student discount and referral programs.
  16. Please feel to contact SheerVision Customer Service with any questions regarding this offer.

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